Movie Resources

.: Film Investor
There are basically five types of financing in the film industry.

.: Movie Rentals
There are several alternatives we can use to rent movies. The best option depends on the circumstances, so we need to look at the strengths and weaknesses of each.

.: Download Movies
Thanks to faster networks and download speeds, downloading movies from the internet is one of the most popular ways to get new films today.

.: New Movie Releases
There are many sites that you can check out for free and most of them offer a newsletter that you can get through your email, with all the latest information on the upcoming new movie releases.

.: Movie Trailer
The Internet offers a great deal of sites that have free movie trailers for your viewing pleasure.

.: Hotels in Los Angeles
If you need to be in Los Angeles for business and need a hotel for overnight or longer, there are a great many to choose from.

.: Backstage Passes
Shows how to get Free passes to attend film festivals and other events such as concerts, etc ...

.: Custom Socks
If you need to create promotional items to promote your film, studio or production company.

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