Custom Socks

Custom made socks are socks that you can have manufactured according to your requirements, whether it’s in terms of color, logo, size, model or material.

Custom socks can be designed for various uses, including to create promotional items to promote your film, studio or production company but also for schools, sport teams, promotional gifts, family reunions, bands, etc …

They are usually available in 3 models: The shortest are ankle socks, aka quarter socks and can be found in 2 variations (one being shorter than the other). Crew socks are regular calf-length socks. As for knee-high tube socks they are knee-length socks that are mostly used for team sports.

Before ordering customized socks, you should consider a few elements:

If the socks you are ordering are for dress, work or casual purpose, you can just get a material that is comfortable and don’t need to worry about something else. But, if you need socks for a sport, you should be careful: you need socks that are resistant and comfortable, whether it’s warm, cool or humid and, most importantly, that can prevent blisters. In that case, you should order technical socks, which unlike cotton, have a wick-moisture away capability that protects from blisters; if you are interested in technical details, good technical socks should be made of 85% Ultra Wicking Acrylic, 10% Spadex and 5% Nylon.

While, regarding the model, you should do your homework and know what you want, especially if it’s for a sport team, you should also ensure that these socks are 100% customizable: you should be able to get your logo and/or text of your choice featured on any side of the sock and, also, be able to pick the colors you want.

When it comes to delivery time, you shouldn’t have to wait more than 8 weeks, which leaves you enough time to plan ahead. Most companies deliver between 3 and 8 weeks.

As for the price, it mostly depends on the size of the order. To give you an idea, most services charge a minimum of $5.50 per pair with minimum quantities between 100 and 200 pairs however you can probably find lower or higher prices. Manufacturers usually don’t give their prices on their websites and you will need to contact them – here is a tip: contact them by e-mail to avoid any sales pitch and avoid sites that force you to call. Here is another important tip about prices that you should consider: most manufacturers charge a set-up fee that they don’t include when they give you a price per dozen. As a result, the price per unit is higher than what they tell you; rather go for custom sock manufacturers that do not charge any set-up fee so you know what the real price is!

Finally, and maybe this doesn’t matter to you, but some companies take advantage of cheap foreign labor with bad working conditions; if you don’t want to endorse those kinds of practices, look for manufaturers that clearly state where they are located.

Now that you have all these elements, you should be ready to find great custom socks

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