Bagdad Café
The Soundtrack

I don't know why I impulsively buy the soundtracks to movies I adore. Of course, at times it is indeed for the music. On other occasions, I really should have just rented the movie again. Or a wiser explanation is that I am just a sucker for marketing.

While the place and The Soundtrack are fascinating, the soundtrack to Bagdad Café is not. I suppose I thought it would transport me back to the movie when I eyed the cd in the budget bin of used soundtracks. Except for the bone chilling "Calling You", featuring ....vocals, the rest is a more than a little repetitive.

Renting The Soundtrack again before embarking on the journey is sure to set the wheels in motion, but do not make the soundtrack your mix tape of choice for the road.

  Anji Milanovic

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Bagdad Café Soundtrack

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