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Frida Kahlo and Mexican Art

Frida Kahlo and Mexican Art

While the popularity of Frida Kahlo's art has exploded in the last decade in the U.S., also worth exploring is the work of other artists and the cultural revolution that shaped 1930's Mexico following.

Halloween/Day of Dead Guide Halloween/Day of Dead Guide
Looking for something ghoulish on Halloween and something slightly more spiritual, festive and less macabre on All Saint‘s Day-Dia de Los Muertos? Here's a few suggestions should you find yourself in Los Angeles or Paris.

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Nestled between Los Angeles and Orange County, MoLAA is the only museum in the western U.S. exclusively dedicated to contemporary Latin American Art including works from artists such as Gonzalo Cienfuegos, Leonora Carrington, Wifredo Lam, Dario Escobar, Rafael Coronel..

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The Songs Of Almodóvar Morocco
Just a hop, skip and a jump from the South of Spain—although going by ferry is more relaxing- Morocco offers a cocktail of hustle and bustle and chill time. Fixed prices? Customer service? Forget it. You want, you haggle. You don’t haggle, you probably won’t get.

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Cinema and Painting Cinema and Painting
If the relationship between cinema and music has always been flaunted, the implication of painting in cinema turns out to be subtler. Cinema and Painting sheds light on a tendency unjustly ignored through eight glaring examples.

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Googie Architecture Googie Architecture
Googie, a Space-Age Architecture peaked in the 1950s. Combining the car culture with dreams of walking on the moon, these kooky eyesores are now fading into the sunset. Rockets, flying saucers, boomerangs, amoeba shapes, fake rock walls; you’ll find all this and more around Disneyland: the Fertile Crescent of Googie.

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