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Coachella 2006 Concert

Coachella 2006 - Day 1

Indio, California

:. Genre: Electronic/Rock/Hip-Hop
:. Date: 04/29/2006
:. Country: USA
:. Official Site: Coachella

With pretty comfortable weather and despite the usual overpriced crappy food — imagine the result of Greek food prepared by desert rednecks —, the first day of Coachella provided great diversity in music with one highlight: Sigur Rós.

We started the day with a set by techno outfit Hybrid supported by special guest Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction), which offered vibrant moments of electronic music. Farrell is no stranger to electronic sounds since he released a solid solo electronic album. The mythic singer from Jane's Addiction brought a stylish note to the show, contrasting with the coldness of that kind of music, sporting a Spanish-style white shirt and doing a few flamenco moves onstage.

We then headed to Lady Sovereign's tent, which set wasn't as exciting as MIA, but ended on a strong note, while in the next tent Nine Black Alps were delivering their powerful Nirvana-like anthems. With a more original sound, the following Clap your Hands Say Yeah offered a solid show, proving they indeed deserve their reputation.

While it was hard to decide between seeing Ladytron or Sigur Ros, who were playing at the same time, we didn't regret going to see Sigur Rós. They offered the most intense moment of the day, bringing their haunting and mystical music to the desert while the sun went down — an unforgettable experience.

While I'm not a fan of radio-faves Franz Ferdinand, they provided a nervous and fun set, which ended up winning me over.

I'm not sure I can be very objective as a Depeche Mode fanatic, but the two from Basildon delivered yet another great show — I'm saying two because let's face it third member Fletcher is pretty useless and nonexistent — offering a slightly different set from their current tour, including a rare and strong take on their first song "Photographic".

The night ended with the fun Rakes in an almost empty tent — they're still under the radar in the US but huge in Europe — as next door two bands I had already seen, the obnoxious poseurs from She Wants Revenge and the Frenchies from Daft Punk, drew in the crowds.

  Ed Dantes

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