Aterciopelados: Gozo PoderosoAterciopelados: Gozo Poderoso

Aterciopelados: Gozo Poderoso

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Gozo Poderoso

Ethereal, warm and electronic, the latest Aterciopelados release is worth seeking out.

Breezy and warm, Andrea Acheverri's beautiful vocals merge with trippy lyrics and cosmic sounds that work off of each other brilliantly to create a melodious album.

Latin, rock en español, electronic—none of these categories do full justice. On a few tracks this Colombian band has merged modern sounds with traditional rhythms. There's a little bit of everything, from their native vallenato sounds to cumbia and electronica. Their sound is so smooth.

The album takes off with the space-age "Luz Azul". Flirting with electronic sounds "Uno lo mio y lo tuyo" follows a hippie vein. "Gozo poderoso" is more seductive with its tantric mantra of "la música es amor". Another standout is the plaintive "rompecabezas". Underneath the salsa sounds of "el álbum" lie creative lyrics about memories of a former lover. "La Misma Tijera" proves to be an Aterciopelados samba regarding the rights of man.

"A su salud" ends the album on a high note, leaving you to wait for their next offering.

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Aterciopelados: Gozo Poderoso

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