Badi Assad VerdeBadi Assad Verde

Badi Assad: Verde

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Badi Assad
:. Genre: Bossanova
:. Year: 2005
:. Country: Brazil
:. Official Site: Badi Assad
:. Details: Tracks & Audio
:. Label: Deutsche Grammophon

Cool, breezy and edgy, Badi Assad's latest release Verde is refreshing. Showing off a variety of styles deeply rooted in Brazilian sound, Assad is playful and daring.

A Brazilian Bjork in terms of her creativity and unique style, Assad covers Bjork's "Bachelorette", turning it into a tango of desire. She also covers U2's "One", giving it a jazzy soul that I wouldn't have related to that song. Along with Johnny Cash's version, this one's a gem. She also covers the theme to the film Amélie, giving it her own flair and showing her talent as a guitarist. She sounds like a bird (literally!) on "The Being Between", but just listen to that guitar. Her voice, sensual and deep, makes listening to the lament of "Estrangeiro en mim" or the classic "Bom dia tristeza" satisfying

With artists like Lila Downs, Manu Chao and Lhasa, Brazil is now represented with Badi Assad in terms of transcultural music. These artists bring cultures together and create something utterly new. From samba to tango to jazz to lounge, Verde is an indulgence for the ears.

  Anji Milanovic

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