Buddahead Crossing the Invisible LineBuddahead Crossing the Invisible Line

Buddahead: Crossing the Invisible Line

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Crossing the Invisible Line

Genre: Rock/Folk
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Official Site: Buddahead
Details: Tracks & Audio
Label: Sanctuary Records
I forgive you, Raman Kia, for misspelling "Buddha" in your recording nom de plume, because your songs are deliciously catchy and well-produced, full of pleasant melodies that are predictable yet touching.

I forgive you, Raman Kia, for writing lyrics that aren't very interesting — "Have you ever thought about how nothing lives without the light / But you can go blind staring at the sun" — because your songs are not for those who are listening for verbal inspiration but musical sustenance. These are all songs about the pain of love and loss, but they're all relatively generic and vague no painful personal moments shine through. But, I'll be damned if your doubled vocals on "Holding Me Back" aren't heavenly; the chorus forces me to sing along.

Raman Kia, I forgive your PR person for hyperbolically comparing you to Jeff Buckley, a tall order to fill, because you beat the pants off those other cute-boy rockers like John Mayer and Jason Mraz.

I forgive you, Raman Kia, for writing the more aimless songs like "Chains" because of the hooks in "When I Fall" and "Turn Away."

Forgive me, Raman Kia, for writing such a pretentious review: We amateur music critics know now what we do.

p.s. For a neat commentary on the touring life for a fledgling band, check out buddaheadmusic.com and click on "Journal."

  Brendan Howard

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