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Chasing Arcadia: Chasing Arcadia

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Chasing Arcadia
Chasing Arcadia

Genre: Rock
Year: 2005
Country: Canada
Official Site: Chasing Arcadia
Details: Tracks & Audio
Chasing Arcadia is chasing the same dream most rockers are after: money, fame, an audience for their music.

In a just world, their dreams will come true.

The music of Chasing Arcadia, a trio of singer-guitarist, bassist and drummer, is catchy pop-rock in the vein of what's eminently popular right now — England's Coldplay and Keane, Ireland's Snow Patrol, etc. Only these lads are from Canada. Hey, they still dig the Queen of England, right?

Darryl McCarty's voice is the spitting image of Travis' Francis Healy, a warbly, open-mouthed flavor perfect for harmonies and moaning love's platitudes that sound bad spoken, but certainly dance trippingly off the tongue for McCarty.

The album's songs are not as catchy as Coldplay, Travis or Keane, but after repeated listens, the entire album's songs take on a flavor together that makes me deliciously tasty. Songs that once you've heard and dismissed as boring grow on you -- a sign of a good album.

Highlights include the anthemic rocker "All I Want," the 49-second lead-in "The End" and its chaser, "Come Down." The 11-track CD even has a beautiful closer in "Rise Above," which uses McCarty's moaning, warbling voice and jangly acoustic guitar to heartmelting effect.

  Brendan Howard

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Chasing Arcadia

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