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David Bowie: Heathen

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David Bowie

An undeniable return to the source following the multiple musical adventures that have marked these last few years, Heaven is a successful and transcendental work in which Bowie resurrects his most mythical incarnations in the 21st century.

Of a rare and sophisticated beauty, Heaven has to be deserved before being fully appreciated. Tony Visconti's production is luxurious and succeeds in capturing the essence of Bowie, who achieves here an artistic turn outlined in his previous album Hours. Ziggy Stardust's soul is present on this new opus that doesn't just recopy winning formulas. Heathen revives the flame of these past heroes, making us the witnesses of what could have been the result of their birth in 2002, after the arrival of punk, hard rock, goth, grunge and the electronic music. The presence of guests like Pete Townshend (The Who), Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) and Lisa Germano as well as covers of Pixies and Neil Young songs confirms this assimilation of influences.

The sublime "Sunday" opens the album like a perfect prologue that teases you without giving it all away. Bowie then appropriates the Pixies' "Cactus" before going for the joy of pure and hard rock on the hot "Slow Burn", "Afraid" and "I've been waiting for you". The voyage in space starts with "Slip Away", an echo of "Space Oddity", continues with the captivating "I would be your slave", accelerates with the impetuous "I have a trip to Gemini Spaceship" before ending with the warm "Everyone Says Hi". "The Angels have gone" then arrives to haunt you, somewhere between ambient and rock. The album ends gracefully on "A Better Future", an engaging electro-rock prayer and "Heathen", a synthetic mystical flight.

A vintage Bowie to savor.

The limited edition also contains some interesting remixes of "Sunday" by Moby and "A Better Future" by Air.

  Fred Thom

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David Bowie: Heathen

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