Doves The Last BroadcastDoves The Last Broadcast

Doves: The Last Broadcast

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The Last Broadcast

With The Last Broadcast, the English band Doves confirms their melodic talent. Between psychedelica, pure acoustics, and vocal harmonies and saturation, they continue on their path while affirming themselves worthy heirs to Ride.

One could certainly reproach the group for basing itself in a British movement where it's difficult to distinguish one group from another as their musical signatures are similar—one inevitably thinks of Starsailor, Coldplay, and South—but Doves succeeds in dissociating itself, owe its heritage more to Ride than to Radiohead.

Textures are rich and the arrangements sophisticated but they do not drown the listener in a sound yoke, above all their beautiful melancholic melodies stand out.

The Last Broadcast is a dense and solid album from beginning to end from which some treasures emerge, like the bewitching "Words" that is gripping from the get go with its unstoppable arpeggios, the throbbing "Satellite", and the connected "Pounding". The album closes beautifully with "Caught by the River", making you hope that the title of the album is not in any way an indicator of the group's future.

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Doves: The Last Broadcast

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