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Femmes De Paris

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Femmes De Paris
Compilation of French female singer from the 60's

If you're looking for a kitschy soundtrack to make your wine and cheese parties sizzle, Femmes de Paris will undoubtedly bring a fun and breezy French touch sure to make your guests exclaim "Oh mon Dieu". Filled with French sirens from the 60's, most whom have been missing in action since, this collection features 10 forgettable but very charming tunes from the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Marie Laforet, Jacqueline Taieb, Stone and various forgotten singers.

Adding to the kitsch factor, not only does this compilation give you the impression of fluency in just 60 minutes as the candid lyrics are repeated over and over again, but the music also borrows from English and American classics such as The Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black", The Who's "My Generation", The Moody Blues' "Night in White Satin" and Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made For Walking; the lyrics are just translated to French.

Best cuts include Jacqueline Taieb's "Un Printemps à Paris", Stone's "Fille ou Garçon", Marie Laforet's "Marie Douceur", Elizabeth's "Je Suis Sublime", Christine Pilzer's "Dracula" and Brigitte Bardot's "Feu de Paille". Of course the list of artists selected for this CD isn't exhaustive, and 60's idols such as Françoise Hardy, Sylvie Vartan and Petula Clark are missing here. Part of the problem is fixed in the follow-up album, Femmes De Paris Vol. 2, that keeps the fun going with Petula Clark, Brigitte Bardot, Jacqueline Taieb, Elisabeth & Cléo among others.

Fans of Parisian indolence chic will definitely be seduced by these Femmes de Paris.

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Femmes De Paris

Femmes De Paris Vol.2

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