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No One Over 21

Genre: Latin/Electro
Year: 2004
Country: Mexico
Official Site: No One Over 21
Details: Tracks & Audio
Label: Sonic360
For decades Tijuana has been known as a seedy little border town where Americans go to get wasted and wanted criminals lie in wait. It's been a holding tank for those trying to find a way into the Gabacholandia and used as a toilet by teenage ugly Americans. But in the past few years the culture emerging from this city has become alive. In 2002 Newsweek International listed it as one of "The World's Most Creative Cities" in terms of vitality and culture (along with Kabul, Cape Town and Austin).

There is a new hybrid generation that has grown up in Tijuana, breastfed on American and Mexican alternative and pop culture. Artists, filmmakers and musicians are paying homage to the city no one dared embrace. Nortec Collective was the first to cross the border into the U.S., bringing with them their daring and creative mix of techno and Mexican folk music. Fussible was and is one of the mavericks of this new movement, and on No One Over 21 he explores nightclub life and the energy that surrounds underage kids crossing over for a night on the town where the sky's the life in terms of debauchery.

Fussible is big on percussion this time around, creating a heady lounge atmosphere where the pace quickens, slows and then teasingly quickens again. No mariachi or norteño music will be found this time around. "Radio (Edit)" is all about rhythm, percussion and stopping traffic while "Las Cajas del Ritmo" has more of an 80's R&B feel to it, accompanied by a squeaky little voice. New Order seems to have been an influence on "Clorofila's Adelitas". You don't usually hear anything really resembling a piano with Nortec Collective, but on "DJ Matsuoka" the keyboards are combined with frenetic percussion to create a haphazard frenzy. "IPZ", a subtle wink to "Tubular Bells", signals the end of the night, when the stars seem to bounce out of the sky and the sidewalk is pink and fluffy.

While no one would mistake Tijuana for Ibiza, Fussible is making sure it stays on the map as a party town. Visit www.sonic360.com for more info.

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