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The Delgados: Hate

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The Delgados

Hate is a majestically uplifting album full of melancholy, sentimental strings and acoustic guitars.

The Delgados are a Scottish quartet who also run their own independent record label, Chemikal Underground, and feature the steady yet understated bass of Stewart Henderson, pounding percussion of Paul Savage alternating voices of guitarists Alun Woodward and Emma Pollock, who both sing darkly clever lyrics ranging from themes of love and hate, life and death, dreams and nightmares, loneliness, depression.

"The Light Before We Land" begins in a rise of strings and chorus of haunting vocals and sets a mood of thoughtful sadness. "All You Need Is Hate" is a darkly humorous yet light-hearted song, which whimsically describes how hate is everywhere.

"Woke From Dreaming" is a more stripped down track with a simple melody, strings and piano. "The Drowning Years" is another song about dreams, but with more of a focus on nightmares, thus having more of a chaotic sound. "Coming In From The Cold" (which is also included as a video) has a lovely sing-along quality and a strong instrumental hook repeated on both piano and guitar.

The lyrics seem to describe loneliness and the search for happiness in life. "Child Killers" seems to address the loss of childhood and the search for peace through friends and loved ones. "Favours" is a slowly building track, which has a twangy country feel and an orchestral accompaniment.

The added bonus tracks "Coalman" and "Mad Drums" feature sampled noises and booming drums, which close the album abruptly enough to demand another listen.

RIYL: Belle & Sebastian's Tigermilk, XTC's Homespun, Arab Strap's The Red Thread, Salako's Musicality, Momus' Stars Forever

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The Delgados: Hate

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