The Songs Of Almodóvar: Soundtrack

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The Songs Of Almodóvar

The high drama, insanity and tenderness of Almodóvar's movies: Matador, Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down, High Heels, and Kika among many others is further underlined by his choice of music. You've probably noticed the music varies wildly between diva torch songs, mariachi, and some quirky pop songs. Now you they're yours to wail along to on one disc. It's a treasure.

Luz gives a throaty, heart-wrenching rendering of the classic "Piensa en Mi" (Think of me). Jacques Brel's hit "Ne Me Quitte Pas" (If you go away) sung here by Maysa Matarasa is so relentlessly melancholy.

When Almodóvar tries his hand at songwriting, frankly strange but highly catchy songs about paranoia and sex crystallize. "Suck it to me" and "Gran Ganga" are two such gems. The unlikely "Voy a ser mama" (I'm going to be a mother) is a great sing a long.

Almodóvar has an obvious fondness for Mexican Mariachi that hits you right in the gut. When despair, love's torment, liquor, and a guitar combine, you get the great Chavela Vargas with "En El Ultimo Trago" (In the last sip) and "Luz de Luna" (Moonlight). Not to be outdone, Lola Beltran belts out "Soy Infeliz" (I'm unhappy), accompanied by Mexican Brass.

My absolute favorite is "Resistire" by Duo Dinamico, a sort of Spanish "I will survive" except it has heavy synthesizers and is sung by men. From the film Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down, (a Spanish "Beauty and the Beast" where the beauty is a porn star and the beast is the mentally ill Antonio Banderas) it was a movie I watched at least 50 times while learning Spanish.

Marlene Dietrich should be here but she's not. Instead we have Zarah Leander's "Nur Nicht aus Liebe Weinen" to fill the gap.

"Puro teatro" (Pure theater), another song here, is an obvious indication that this record collects those songs that aim straight for the heart.

  Anji Milanovic

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Soundtrack: The Songs Of Almodóvar

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