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While many people who come to Hollywood aim to become big, big stars, there are actually several other careers available in Tinseltown. Aside from acting and singing, there's also film production and editing, music production, editing and engineering, computer animation and other special effects, and work for productions assistants, musicians, costume designers and executioners, stylists, make-up artists, publicists, stunt people, photographers, among others. And there are other fields as well, such as working for music labels and organizing and promoting concerts and special events.

They may never be able to walk down the red carpet on awards nights, but a film's production crew is just as important as the actors and directors themselves. Each important element in making the film involves an entire department of people; for example, the screenwriter has a staff of writers, script handlers and proofreaders. The costume designer or stylist has a staff of dressers and accessory-handlers, and coordinates with hairdressers and makeup artists to achieve the required overall look of each character in the movie. The composer of the score and the head of sound must work together and each have their own staff; the composer, who can also be his own conductor, will also have an entire orchestra to work with, though some movies will require a more modern, more electronic-sounding score, and therefore fewer musicians.

The sets and props department all have specific work to do as well. Most often than not, the sets staff are trained artists, as they may be required to paint and reconstruct walls, gates, and even entire buildings for a scene. They must be able to work quickly also, as these sets are usually torn down the same day. These days, the amount of sets and props needed depend on the amount of computer-generated special effects used in the film. Computer animators have come into high demand in Hollywood in recent years, so you might think about redesigning your homepage for the nth time and go apply for a more substantial graphic animation job.

The director must work with all the heads of each department and usually has at least one, though usually more, production assistants coordinating between the various groups. Although the job description may sound less than glamorous, production assistants are key people in getting the work done and must possess uncanny organizational skills.

A record label would be a great place to work at in Hollywood, where you can be placed in different departments such as sales, marketing and A&R, or Artist and Repertoire, which is in charge of the signed artists and the music they produce. The three departments work closely together: A&R produce the album, marketing gets noise on the product, and sales brings the CDs from the warehouse and into the stores. Marketing usually works in quad-media, targeting radio, TV, print and web. Members of each division must all be good publicists, working in their favored medium.

Or you could try to become an actor, though that's a lot of hard work as well. You'll need patience, too. You just have to keep auditioning and getting yourself out there. As with any job, there will be work involved, but if you enjoy what you do, the rewards can be tremendous.

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