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Academy Awards
10 steps to win an Oscar

Denying the most optimistic forecasts, the 99 Oscars have celebrated the victory of triumphant marketing, relegating films as extras.

The prize-list bent under the weight of 3 movies sharing most of the Awards: Shakespeare in Love, Saving Private Ryan and Life is Beautiful, thus edging out the less medatative but majestic Elizabeth as well as the too intellectual masterpiece from the outcast Malick, The Thin Red Line.
By analyzing these results and the media campaigns launched for these films, itís possible to determine:

10 steps to win an Oscar.

  1. Concentrate the plan media in Los Angeles
    Knowing that the majority of the Academy members are actors, producers, and directors who live and work in Holywood, itís useless to spend the precious marketing budget outside the city limits.

  2. Release the film 3 months before the ceremony voters have a short memory (old producers, alcoholic actors, drug use..). As one can observe, the self -proclaimed Oscar nominee the Truman Show missed the wagon. This permits the mass diffusion of commercials that refresh evasive memories, which then necessitates that the film remain on screen.

  3. Re-release the film just before the Academy Awards
    Recommended in the case where the film was originally released the previous summer as a cash cow. In more technical terms, the category of blockbusters or commercial films that claim to be Oscar worthy 1999.

  4. B financial muscle
    License to set off a "Media Blitzkrieg". Example: Miramax, the Shakespeare in Love studio, benefited from Disney funds to which the studio belongs, with the end of battling the no less warlike Private Ryan supported by Spielbergís Dreamworks studio (for more details read: A Bug's Life-Antz: Battle of the Hollywood parasites).

  5. A Love Story
    Whether itís between a man and a woman, between adolescents or between a parent and a child, this unifying theme will win the votes of the women and the spoiled old men of the Academy.

  6. TV Station Saturation
    In addition to unavoidable tv commercials, invade the talk shows and entertainment shows (Rosie, ET, EXTRA, late night shows, news) or diffuse "Allied" films; example: Schindlerís List exclusively on NBC a week before the Oscars.

  7. Unifying Actors
    Use Tom Hanks, Americaís favorite son-in-law, or the daughter of a known producer who was engaged to a popular actor. In a word, choose an actor with "connections".

  8. Non-reflexive screenplay
    The story must be simplistic and under no condition force the spectators to reflect for fear of creating confusion and headaches.

  9. The highest number possible of nominations
    Itís here that the technical nominations come into play. Theyíre numerous and easy to obtain (sound, pompous music, and colorful cinematography).

  10. Make a quality film
    Itís rare but sometimes it works (Life is Beautiful).
Film                  Secret12345678910
Shakespeare in LoveXXXXXXXX
Saving Private Ryan XXXXXX
Life is Beautiful X X X X X X X X
The Thin Red LineXX

  Fred Thom

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The Thin Red Line

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