A Race of Angels Broadcast no.1A Race of Angels Broadcast no.1

A Race of Angels: Broadcast no.1

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A Race of Angels
Broadcast no.1

Genre: Down-Tempo
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Official Site: A Race of Angels
Details: Tracks & Audio
Label: Luc Classics
Located somewhere between laid-back electronic lounge music and acoustic ballads, Broadcast no.1 is an atmospheric piece filled with ethereal melodies and wrapped in a musically rich production.

The association of strong soul and a suave voice is reminiscent of the work of Seal — a certain lack of originality, which tends to undermine the overall honest quality of the seven songs featured here.

While I certainly enjoyed listening to Broadcast no.1 for its entire run, as fans of Buddha bar-type compilations probably will, the ensemble lacks a true identity, which classifies it among these smooth but forgettable productions that abound in the lounge music sub-genre.

  Ed Dantes

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