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Ellen Allien: My Parade Ellen Allien: My Parade
Ellen Allien, creator of Berlin's Bpitch Control, is finally starting to be recognized globally after nearly a decade of electronic experimentalism and expert manipulation of minimalist sound.

Ellen Allien: The Other Side of Berlin Ellen Allien: The Other Side of Berlin
Presented by Time Out Magazine, this CD/DVD package is part of an innovative series, where handpicked local artists are chosen to serve as musical and visual tour guides for their hometown.

Dot Allison : We Are Science Dot Allison: We Are Science
After a convincing but timid solo beginning, Dot Allison affirms her talent as a composer with We Are Science, an ambitious and varied album where the singer proudly displays her electro and new wave influences.

Dot Allison: Afterglow Dot Allison: Afterglow
Somewhere between pop, electronic, and ethereal voices, Afterglow marks the successful return of Dot Allison, ex-singer of the group One Dove, who gave us the sublime single "White Love" a few years back. With this new album, Dot Allison who still claims her dub-electronic past opens herself to larger horizons like unadorned acoustics and ethnic tones.

Ananda Project: Morning Light Ananda Project: Morning Light
Ananda Project is the type of music that makes a bad stereo system sound good, the type in which people stop to ask you what's playing, it's house music for those who claim no interest in the genre, it's music that makes you dream.

A Race of Angels: Broadcast no.1 A Race of Angels: Broadcast no.1
Located somewhere between laid-back electronic lounge music and acoustic ballads, Broadcast no.1 is an atmospheric piece filled with ethereal melodies and wrapped in a musically rich production.

Autechre: Ep 7 Autechre: Ep 7
New release from the Sheffield duo without one forseeable hit single, hardly any promotion, and even so...

Automato: Automato Automato: Automato
Automato's eponymous debut mixes hip-hop and rock with hints of electro, jazz, classical and modern music.

Basement Jaxx: Remedy Basement Jaxx: Remedy
The first album of the English duo arrives just in time: in the middle of summer. Marketing coup? obviously.But for once business rejoins general interest...

Jimmy Behan: Days Are What We Live In Jimmy Behan: Days Are What We Live In
Already a prominent player in this Irish electronic music scene, Jimmy Behan steps into the global field with his beautifully orchestrated, Days Are What We Live In, a ten- track electro cruise control ride of relaxation and melodic harmony.

Blow-Up: Exploding Plastic Pleasure Blow-Up: Exploding Plastic Pleasure
Mixing electro and disco with an undeniable European touch, Exploding Plastic Pleasure is the US debut from Blow-Up, an Italian duo now based in LA.

Celluloide : Naïve Heart Celluloide : Naïve Heart
Forged in melodious and nostalgic electro, Naïve Heart marks the promising beginnings of synth-pop group Celluloide from Marseilles, France.

The Chemical Brothers: Come With Us The Chemical Brothers: Come With Us
Following their previous funk and pop escapades, Come with us marks the return of Chemical Brothers to the pure and hard techno of their beginnings in which the influence of other groups from the electronic scene is nonetheless apparent. The result is a personal album that dabbles in a bit of everything and from it classics of the genre emerge.

The Chemical Brothers: Surrender The Chemical Brothers: Surrender
Their best album yet, Surrender marks the end of this decade and century with a homage to electronic music and on the same token affirms its explosion as the official music of the 21st Century.

The Crystal Method: Tweekend The Crystal Method: Tweekend
Resuming a successful formula now without the surprise of Vegas, Tweekend is a resolutely more rock album that stands out for its hybridization of musical genres.

Dead Or Alive: Nukleopatra Dead Or Alive: Nukleopatra
The return of Dead or Alive with an album mixing the original sound of the band with House music for a surprisingly fresh and fun result.

Death In Vegas: Scorpio Rising Death In Vegas: Scorpio Rising
With Scorpio Rising, Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes continue the musical transition that started with The Contino Sessions, giving up their electronic textures for a resolutely basic rock approach.

Death In Vegas: The Contino Sessions Death In Vegas: The Contino Sessions
Death In Vegas is to techno what noisy-pop is to rock. And not only because of the presence of famous guests such as two former Jesus & Mary Chain members, Jim Reid and Bobby Gillepsie (now Primal Scream’s singer) and Iggy Pop.

Depeche Mode: Exciter Depeche Mode: Exciter
Subtle and stripped, Exciter explores new horizons while remaining faithful to the formula of the group's success. For the first time, Depeche Mode is inspired directly by other musical currents, proposing an album that's varied musically, but also less personal.

Depeche Mode: The Singles Depeche Mode: The Singles
An 80's pioneer, Depeche Mode has successfully reinvented itself and increased its credibility in the 90's, while fellow bands such as Simple Minds or The Cure have slowly fallen into the murky depth of memory. The Basildon Four offer a sort of legacy with this singles album.

DJ Hardware DJ Hardware Meets Marcello Castelli: Tribalism V.2
If you're looking for an energetic mix for your parties, you can't go wrong with this CD where DJ stars DJ Hardware and Marcello Castelli join forces.

DJ Krush: Jaku DJ Krush: Jaku
For his 8th release, Japanese hip-hop veteran DJ Krush embarks on a mystical journey, a musical exploration of his homeland traditions through exotic melodies and instruments such as shakuhachi (flute) and koto (strings).

DJ Rap: The Learning Curve DJ Rap: The Learning Curve
DJ RAP is to techno what the Dixie Chicks are to country: a blond pin-up lost in a male world. Abandoning her turntable and Drum&Bass that mad her famous, she delivers with Learning Curve a refreshing and catchy electronic pop album.


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