Autechre: ep7Autechre: ep7

Autechre: ep7

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New release from the Sheffield duo without one forseeable hit single, hardly any promotion, and even so...

The music of AUTECHRE is deserved and and must be waited for. Heavy and oppressive rhythms, long slopes of ambiances, this duo never searches for ease.

Faithful to a certain musical school that attempts to be extreme and accessible, the terrorists of sound will certainly never know great public success as the sum of their music production, and in particular on ep7, does not subscribe to usual commercial format.

Far from the Dancefloor, radio, and hyper commercial media, AUTECHRE affirms that it's THE major group of the international techno scene: not for the number of hits produced, but rather for the integrity, sincerity, and the quality of its approach. Just as many groups of the 80's whose names are frequently cited in the 90's, AUTECHRE will mark its era, their influence already being felt on a part of the current electronic music scene: closer to, say, early New Order than Daft Punk.

What else can be said? The album is perfect but frankly undescribable, for once. Fans of honest and subtle music, don't just throw yourselves over ep7, but also over everything that AUTECHRE has dreamed up for you (from the tremendous ANTIep or the surprising John PEEL sessions).



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Autechre: ep7

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