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Dead Or Alive: Nukleopatra

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Dead Or Alive

Nukleopatra marks the return of DEAD OR ALIVE with an album mixing the original sound of the band with House music for a surprisingly fresh and fun result.

The English duet, now housed on Cleopatra (!), a label from Los Angeles, delivers an album that can be considered as the resurrection of the band. The presence of "Spin Me Round" in two different remixes tries to start again with what started it all, appealing to new fans with a new sound and reminding the old fans they are still alive. Nukleopatra delivers a good blend of DEAD OR ALIVE's personal touch with new electronic sounds. Their drum machines, mutant vocals, dance vibes and catchy melodies are still present and better than ever, but they are mixed to House Music, the logical step this dance music band could take.

The album kicks off with a House bomb, "Nukleopatra", the best track here, that could make even your grandma giggle. "Sex Drive" follows, the new catchy single, another good shot at the dance floors as well as a House remix of "You Spin Me Round". "International Thing" and "Sleep with You" are other catchy dance anthems. "Unhappy Birthday" is reminiscent of Mad Bad & Dangerous to Know with its electric guitars and drum machines and the live version of "I'm a Star" of Youthquake. "Getting It On" is more techno and "Spend The Night Together" is a classic DOA cut. Finally, the album closes with 2 welcome remixes of "Spin Me Round" and "Sex Drive".
However, just as in their other albums, they are capable of the worst: some melodies are so easy and cheesy that they make John Tesh sound like Rob Zombie. If "Picture This" and "The Right Stuff" are pretty unbearable, their cover of Bowie's "Rebel Rebel" is an unforgivable torture.

Nukleopatra is a fun album, that should enchant the fans as well as the dance floors.

  Anji Milanovic

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Dead Or Alive: Nukleopatra

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