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DJ Rap: Learning Curve

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DJ Rap
Learning Curve

DJ RAP is to techno what the DIXIE CHICKS are to country: a blond pin-up lost in a male world. Abandoning her turntable and Drum&Bass that mad her famous, she delivers with Learning Curve a refreshing and catchy electronic pop album.

The album is a collection of melodious pop songs with a techno framework closer to MADONNA's Ray of Light than to the Drum&Bass hammering. Speaking of MADONNA, DJ RAP's voice dangerously flirts with hers on some tracks (has the MADONNA-WILLIAM ORBIT alliance inspired some others?). Nevertheless, Learning Curve features a wide range of melodic gems such as "It's good to be alive" with its heady chorus that will stay in your thinking cap for the rest of the day, "Everyday Girl", "Human Kind", "Live it for today", and the acoustic "Ordinary Day". Add some darker and abrasive tracks such as "Bad Girl", "F**K with your head", and "Bad Behavior". But it's undoubtedly "Stories from the world around" and "Changes" that come the closer to what she does best, hypnotic raves, with a mix of Drum&Bass and Ambiant to make the most recalcitrant dancers spacey. Of course, in a pure dance production style, the lyrics are far from being fascinating. But does it really matter since one does not listen to dance music like one might listen to NICK CAVE (considering he is indeed a writer..).

A good little melodic album that will delight your ears.

  Fred Thom

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DJ Rap: Learning Curve

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