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French Sounds: French Sounds

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French Sounds

A distant cousin of the charming French Girls, French Sounds proposes a new collection of artists who represent the vitality and eclecticism of the French electronic scene.

More monotonous and less cheerful than French Girls, French Sounds nevertheless offers a range of varied sounds catchy enough to make the small plastic Eiffel tower jiggle proudly on your desk. Paradoxically, these French sounds—techno, electro, funk and rap/jazz—are generally accompanied by lyrics sung in English. If the incantations of these French guys are repetitive and rather tedious, one can be rocked by the female voices, whether they are languorous, soulful, ethnic or saturated. Telepopmusik, Vitalic, Williams Traffic and Sporto Kantes know how to allure us regardless of the musical direction they take. Elsewhere the influence of artists as diverse as Gangstarr and Moby is felt while the instrumentals punctuate the whole album with detachment, or chill out vibes.

While one certainly regrets the charm and soft eccentricity of the French Girls, the album works as a decent companion, pleasant but a little too wise.

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French Sounds: French Sounds

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