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French Girls: French Girls

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French Girls

Naming a CD French Girls means you want to bring certain things to mind about these creatures, whether they are based on reality or not. French girls means Zazie, Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Béart, Sophie Marceau. Sophisticated, a little distant, maybe cold, but always charming. And they always look good naked.

If they could sing, what would they sound like? Maybe a bit blasé. Chloé's "I hate dancing" is that dance song best listened to with a cigarette in hand along with a bored look while Autour de Lucie's haunting "Je reviens" has a smooth, descended-from-the-heavens quality. The velvety "Aujourd'hui même" by Holden is bewitching. Another highlight is Kim Nguyen's "Dark Blue" with its Dimitri from Paris/60's space age quirk that works well with her seductive purr.

Of course, some French girls hail from Pigalle and may have heard a song or two by Lords of Acid. On the underground hit "Frank Sinatra 2001" Miss Kittin sounds like she will spank you for a small fee after she's done with the pole dance. The hypnotic seduction of "In and out" (definitely NOT the Socal burger chain) by Sextoy and Chloé is one of the best tracks on the album.

Not everything is stellar, however. Ana Rago's "You're god" has that Eurotrash pseudo hip-hop dance music thing that just sounds old.

In the end though, French girls have it pretty well put together.

  Anji Milanovic

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French Girls: French Girls

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