Gustavo Cerati BocanadaGustavo Cerati Bocanada

Gustavo Cerati: Bocanada

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Gustavo Cerati

Argentine Gustavo Cerati of Soda Stereo fame (one of South America’s most influential rock bands) latest solo release is compelling both lyrically and musically. Cerati himself produced the album, and that speaks volumes for his talent.

Cerati’s lyrics are sparse and conceptual, that when coupled with his arrangements prove powerful. Cerati has embraced the 21st Century on this album-the sampler and synthesizer are needed as much as an orchestra and guitar. The combination of sounds and vocals complement eachother exceedingly well to sound both thoroughly modern and timeless.

“Tabú” unleashes the frenzy with its astral quality. Cerati’s haunting vocals and modern sampling combine to create a living photograph. “Puente” rocks and sways, while“beautiful” is indeed beautiful, like a mellow Beck song. “verbo carne” is easily one of the best songs on the album due to The London Session Orchestra joining him, constructing a moody symphony of instruments and samples.

“y si el humo esta en foco” is a cool voiceless nod to electronica that should join the ranks of Moby and the like, while “aqui & ahora” is a melodious tribute to the here and now featuring is very cool ambient. “paseo inmoral” sounds like Echo &The Bunnymen, and along with “tabú” is one of the best tracks suited for release.

This album will not shoot to the top of the charts because it’s not catchy enough. This is of course, to Cerati’s credit. It’s a languid and ambiant album with just the right touch.

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Gustavo Cerati: Bocanada

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