Gustavo Cerati Siempre Es HoyGustavo Cerati Siempre Es Hoy

Gustavo Cerati: Siempre Es Hoy

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Gustavo Cerati
Siempre Es Hoy

Genre: Electro/Rock
Year: 2002
Country: Argentina
Label: BMG/Ariola
Web: Official Site
Details: Tracks & Audio
Like Aterciopelados and Ely Guerra, Gustavo Cerati is in a category all his own. Siempre Es Hoy is his latest effort, an amalgam of electronic trip hop, pop melodies, guitars and some esoteric lyrics. Like the latest releases of the aforementioned artists, this album is not a strategically marketed "crossover" album. Hallelujah! Pass the collection basket! It's actually good and not overyhyped (Juanes) nor overproduced (Shakira).

Starting off with an electric charge, "Cosas imposibles" ("Impossible things") shares the smoky sexiness that Daniel Ash possesses, combining both innovative sounds and catchy pop lyrics. "No te creo" ("I don't believe you") continues on that vein, adding in some scratching and space-agey computer burps while "Artefacto" ("Artefact") is complemented by strong guitar. The pendulum then swings to the deeply erotic trance on "Amo dejarte asi" ("I love to leave you like this").

Cerati does not stand alone, however. On "Sudestada" the great Charly García accompanies Cerati on piano on a song that has that melancholy Sui Generis rock ballad feel. Those familiar with the seminal Argentine band may feel a shiver of nostalgia. The ethereal voice of Deborah de Corral joins him on "Casa" ("House"). And potty mouthed Chilean rapper Tea Time (who's collaborated with Gorillaz) cleans up a little for a rap on "Altar".

Cerati is able to move from rock ballad to sound doctor to poet with ease. Like the allusion he makes to Icarus in "Tu cicatriz en mi", he glides just under the sun on Siempre Es Hoy.

Sidebar: Speaking as Joe Q. Public: If there were an alternative radio station that would play this album, along with Ely Guerra, Daniel Ash, Beck, Primal Scream, Jesus and Mary Chain and others, many, many people would be happy. Instead we have K-Crap (KROQ) and Super Mierda (Super Estrella) in southern California. Neither can be trusted.

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Gustavo Cerati: Siempre Es Hoy

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