Jimmy Behan Days Are What We Live InJimmy Behan Days Are What We Live In

Jimmy Behan: Days Are What We Live In

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Jimmy Behan
Days Are What We Live In

Genre: Electronic
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Official Site: Jimmy Behan
Details: Tracks & Audio
Label: Elusive Recordings
Already a prominent player on the Irish electronic music scene, Jimmy Behan steps into the global field with his beautifully orchestrated, Days Are What We Live In, a ten- track electro cruise control ride of relaxation and melodic harmony. This is the fourth release from Elusive Recordings and it further demonstrates the label's refined and sophisticated taste that stands proudly unique against the wide array of electronica music labels. The ease of transition between tracks and the sedation infused into the listener compliment Behan's use of timing and manipulation.

Days Are What We Live In can substitute as a 101 on ambient music. A true sampling of organic harmony with electronic tweaking, creates a timeless mix of vocalized tracks and blissfully rhythmic layers of soft beats and fluctuating yet continuing pitch waves. The mayfly that is featured on the CD's cover depicts a species that lives for one to two days and as a full-grown adult, 2 hours. The second track "Mayfly" represents an ongoing sensation of progress. A slow and relaxed start delicately paces itself into a showcase of lovely melodies that seem fit for modern ballerinas. Perhaps the journey of the mayfly represented on vinyl a la manipulation of Behan. Just as equally, the constant feeling of pull and progression in the gentlest of manners also makes the sound fit for a cosmic journey in the galaxy of electro-experimentalism.

A talented ability to avoid repetition, a smart sense for sampling, and a soothing addition of new instruments keeps the listener wanting more without realizing. Without the ability to predict the incoming rhythms but yet satisfied with the flow of the sound is what marks Behan as having a truly talented ear. Track 9 "normal situations" melts out of the speakers with an ease that drifts into the listener and promotes meditative states, just as distinguished ambient should do. By the time the compilation makes it to its final track "Under the Woods", one has the feeling of having attended the theater, theater for the mind with a beautiful accompaniment and then, when the lullaby has ended, so have the day's troubles. Thanks Behan.

For more information check out www.elusiverecordings.com

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Jimmy Behan: Days Are What We Live In

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