Orbital The Middle of NowhereOrbital The Middle of Nowhere

Orbital: The Middle of Nowhere

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The Middle of Nowhere

The Middle of Nowhere allies the experimental sounds of its predecessor with feminine voices, thus generating a more melodic and lyrical techno-ambiant.

The album opens with "Way Out", a space-age track following the musical path of "Space March" from the movie Moonraker already redone by, what a surprise, Leftfield & Propellerheads. Next, "Spare parts Express" is an extension of In Sides.

The Middle of Nowhere takes off on the third song, building its own style where big bass, drums, experimantal sounds and female choir are a perfect match on tracks such as "Know where to run", "I don't know you people", "Nothing left 1" & "Nothing left 2". In the case of a band like Orbital that focuses on experimenting, female choirs bring a human touch to technology while in the case of Moby, they are just enchanting sirens. Speaking of Moby, his influence is present on "Otono" with its melodic synthetic waves and choirs. The album ends with "Style" and its keyboard sounds from the cave-age of synths, ironic exit on the quickly obsolete aspect of technonogy and therefore techno.

Listening to the last releases from the major English techno bands copying each other or featuring the same themes, one has to wonder if this movement is biting its own tail in an unltimate self-parody about its current lack of inspiration or just trying to reach a wider commercial success. Probably a little of both, while for the first time (and it's surprising), the musical innovation comes from France, refreshing techno with its Kitsch and House sounds. And so much for the better.

  Fred Thom

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Orbital: The Middle of Nowhere

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