The Chemical Brothers Come With UsThe Chemical Brothers Come With Us

The Chemical Brothers: Come With Us

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The Chemical Brothers
Come With Us

Following their previous funk and pop escapades, Come with us marks the return of Chemical Brothers to the pure and hard techno of their beginnings in which the influence of other groups from the electronic scene is nonetheless apparent. The result is a personal album that dabbles in a bit of everything and from it classics of the genre emerge.

Come with us is a kind of "two in one" album that alternates between the duo's usual big beats and the emblematic sonorities of Primal Scream and other artists currently in vogue.

The chemistry of the Chemical Brothers is obvious on many pieces. Starting with the unstoppable "It Began In Afrika" which reminds us that Africa is the cradle of rhythm along with great reinforcement of percussion and heady loops. "Come with us" mounts the pressure until the relentless beats come in on a traditional format that's already proved reliable. On "Hoops" they do it again while the funky "Galaxy Bounce" is reminiscent of Dig Your Own Hole .

The remainder of the disc echoes other influences. "Denmark" seems to show that when the weather is cold one prefers to remain in House. "Guitar Star" seems to eyes the " House+ Guitar" formula of French band Rinrse whereas "My Elastic Eye" is a strange mix of Aphex Twin and Mirwais. The album then takes a very Primal Scream turn. Starting with "The State We're In", Beth Orthon sings in the detached manner of Bobby Gillepsie on a psychedelic instrumental close to "Higher Than The Sun". While the last two songs smell like patchouli, one falls under the yoke of the hypnotic Acid Test taken by Richard Ashcroft.

Come with us is an invitation to a voyage, a voyage on familiar electronic grounds along a road known by heart but pleasurable to go down nonetheless.

  Ed Dantes

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The Chemical Brothers: Come With Us

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