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The Crystal Method: Tweekend

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The Crystal Method

Resuming a successful formula now without the surprise of Vegas, Tweekend is a resolutely more rock album that stands out for its hybridization of musical genres.

Looking at the rapid evolution of electronic music since Vegas, clearly The Crystal Method did not take many risks, preferring to tread in known waters rather than to clear new musical ground. However the duo takes a more urban direction with Tweekend by distilling its electronic music with rock and hip-hop influences. The disc particularly profits from collaboration with Tom Morello, guitarist of Rage Against The Machine and also producer of this disc, as well as Scott Weiland of the Stone Temple Pilots. The best moments are those combining big beats and electronic sounds with the rock guitars, scratching and rap vocals.

The album opens with "PHD", a traditional but effective techno piece. "Wild" gives a first impression of the new musical direction of the group, flirting with dance and rock through their use of funky choruses and wah-wah guitars. "Roll It Up" sounds like The Chemical Brothers period. "Murder" is without a doubt the most bewitching track, combining a strange melody with the languorous voice of Scott Weiland for a result cleverly perched between techno and rock. "Name of the Game" is an unstoppable single where the mixture of big beats, the furious guitar of Tom Morello and the hip-hop scratches and samples is most explosive. "The Winner" remains in the vein of Vegas but with the contribution of wah-wah guitars. "Ready for Action" and its not very original techno, far from provoking causing an adrenaline charge, fortunately ends to give room to the hypnotic "Ten Miles Back", carried by a heady female chorus. "Over The Line" softens the tempo with good psychedelic qualities while "Blow Out" reclaims the fat rhythms emblematic of The Crystal Method. Finally, "Tough Guy" is a more ambitious piece somewhere between industrial and experimental techno.

Not as essential as Vegas, Tweekend nonetheless deserves a detour for its few strong moments.

  Fred Thom

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The Crystal Method: Tweekend

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