Zeromancer Clone Your LoverZeromancer Clone Your Lover

Zeromancer: Clone Your Lover

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Clone Your Lover

Genre: Industrial
Year: 2003
Country: Germany
Label: Cleopatra Records
Web: Official Site
Details: Tracks & Audio
After setting the German alternative scene ablaze in 2000 Clone Your Lover, the first album of industrial group Zeromancer, finally lands on our shores.

Combining rich electronic textures with saturated guitars, what immediately emerges in Zeromancer's music (a mix of industrial with light touches of synth pop) is its fluidity, very organic constitution and catchy melodies carried out by the soft voice of singer Alex Moklebust.

While the group makes some more aggressive incursions where the influence of Nine Inch Nails is perceptible, it's their propensity to channel their industrial sounds with seductive and lyrical harmonies that distinguishes them from their peers. Zeromancer seems to have found the right combination where the coldness of the machinery contrasts with their warm melodies, thus outdistancing them from the overproduction of Orgy and the apparent lightness of Stabbing Westward. This formula has proven itself as the success of their second album Eurotrash and the eponymous single can attest.

Establishing the group's musical identity, the emblematic single "Clone Your Lover" is an infectious anthem that ineluctably contaminates the listener. The group seduces in moments of industrial harmony like "Flirt", "House Of Cards", "Split Second", "Something For The Pain" & "Fade To Black" rather than the banal "Opelwerk" & "Die Of A Broken Heart". The album finishes on a bonus track, a synthetic remix of "Something For The Pain". For their first experiment, the cloning has been successful.

You can catch Zeromancer live on the Pigface/Thrill Kill Kult/Bile tour.

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Zeromancer: Clone Your Lover

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