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SuicideGirls by Missy Suicide
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12 Tales 12 Tales: 12 Tales
From the imaginations of Rasputina's Melora Creagar and faerie artist Amy Brown and Instinct Records' catalog comes a melodious, dreamy compilation.

Daniel Ash: Daniel Ash Daniel Ash: Daniel Ash
Rather than capitalize on the easy success of revamped Bauhaus, Daniel Ash has chosen to explore new musical regions solo. The result is a daring and baroque album that combines the essence of early Love & Rockets with innovative electronic sounds.

Ian Astbury: Spirit Light Speed Ian Astbury: Spirit Light Speed
Spirit Light Speed might only be the solo project from Ian Astbuy—lead singer from The Cult—but is undoubtedly a more convincing album than some of the band's latest material. The album reflects Astbury’s personal taste for electronic sounds, groovy rhythms, and pure rock, what shouldn’t be a surprise for those who spotted him here in LA attending shows of major electronic acts such as Primal Scream.

Bunker Soldier: Triple Threat Bunker Soldier: Triple Threat
For fans of rock-tinged dance music and the keyboard electronica of accessible artists like Moby and BT, Bunker Soldier should be a perfect comrade-in-arms.

Covenant: Northern Lights Covenant: Northern Lights
Covenant slow down and look inward on Northern Lights but they didn't leave the beats behind.

The Cult: Beyond Good And Evil The Cult: Beyond Good And Evil
After a long absence and a handful of forgettable records, The Cult returns to peak form with Beyond Good And Evil, an album of pure rock loaded with raging riffs.

Curve: Gift Curve: Gift
Continuing their trajectory between noisy rock and electronic music, Curve offers Gift, a solid and persuasive album.


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