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Vukovar, X-Yougoslavia
Sanda Grujin

The following photographs offer witness to the lingering scent of the perfume of war long after the soldiers and tanks have disappeared. Once a city of Yugoslavia, now in Croatia, Sanda Grujin offers some views of Vukovar, the place she calls home. These harsh images are softened by the sensitivity of a native in the city that waits to be rebuilt.

Sanda Grujin, translator, writer, and photographer divides her time between Vukovar, Novi Sad, and Sarajevo.

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Once upon a time there was a house, Vukovar 1995KapelicaTree, Vukovar 1995Christ & Water Tower, Vukovar 1998
Serbian Church, Vukovar 1999Jewish Cemetary, VukovarVukovar 1998My Gymnasium, Vukovar 1999
Rooftop, Vukovar 1997Cathedral, Vukovar 1997Roofless Home
Self Portrait, Sarvas Kisa 1997


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