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Anji Milanovic: Cuba

Cuba in 1994 was at her lowest. But, instead of walking around observing Cubans in their natural communist habitat like some sort of political zoo, it was much more interesting to mingle. Most of these were taken in the province of Pinar del Rio around May 1st as well as in Havana.

Various: Googie, Anaheim

Googie, a Space-Age Architecture peaked in the 1950s. Combining the car culture with dreams of walking on the moon, these kooky eyesores are now fading into the sunset. Rockets, flying saucers, boomerangs, amoeba shapes, fake rock walls; you’ll find all this and more around Disneyland: the Fertile Crescent of Googie.

Zack Kaufman: Protests in Little Saigon

Picture this: a video store owner in the heart of the Vietnamese community in Westminster, CA decides to place a poster of Ho Chi Min in his store. Protests soon follow, engulfing Little Saigon for several weeks in a bitter struggle to have the poster removed, leading to a larger debate on just how we define of freedom of expression and democracy in this country. Zachary Kaufman’s images of (for the most part) peaceful protests capture the charged emotions of this community.

Sanda Grujin: X-Yugoslavia

The following photographs offer witness to the lingering scent of the perfume of war long after the soldiers and tanks have disappeared. Once a city of Yugoslavia, now in Croatia, Sanda Grujin offers some views of Vukovar, the place she calls home. These harsh images are softened by the sensitivity of a native in the city that waits to be rebuilt.


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