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Prague, Czech Republic Czech Republic: Prague
Prague is a city void of happy mediums. On one side the beauty is intoxicating and constant, but on the other hand, the beauty that was once a traveler's secret…is out.

China: Laoweis on Bikes--Cycling in Yangshou China: Laoweis on Bikes—Cycling in Yangshou
Riding bikes in China is lunacy. Chinese zigzag on the creaking rickety machines that have pretzels for wheels and hinges for handlebars. Sure, bikes have flashy names-Flying Pigeon or Freedom Machine-but brakes tend to be high-tech extras, and, if they have gears, they break within a week. If this weren't enough, Chinese riders can be plain mad.

Lille Flandres: Lille
What about going to the North during your next trip in France? It takes one hour from Paris to arrive in French Flanders, and it is the occasion to visit its capital: Lille.
Albertas Place Provence: Aix-en-Provence
Founded in 123 B.C., this former capital of Provence is certainly one of the most precious jewels of the South of France, thanks to its "Good Life", historical architecture, culture, and active lifestyle.

Marseille Provence: Marseille
What about going to the North during your next trip in France? It takes one hour from Paris to arrive in French Flanders, and it is the occasion to visit its capital: Lille.

Land of the Gods...Hail Manali! India: Land of the Gods...Hail Manali!
A painstaking day's journey from Delhi on bad creaky buses where you wonder what that nasty smell could be, Manali is and has always been reputed for a hippy haven. Manali- this much sought after land, soul kitchen for the wanderers and thinkers, lovers and artists, and everyone else…you want to know? Boom Shiva

Impressions Of Iran Iran: Impressions Of Iran <
Iran? Are you mad? Given that media stories often focus on Islamic fundamentalists, the threat of terrorist activity against the West and the effects of the bloody eight-year war with Iraq, the reaction of friends and family was understandable. But during three weeks Charlie and I discovered a very different country. Most of the Iranians we spoke to were aware of the dark-tinted glasses through which their country is often seen and were keen to discover why despite this we had come and what our impressions of the country were.

Morocco: Mellow Moroccan Madness
Just a hop, skip and a jump from the South of Spain—although going by ferry is more relaxing- Morocco offers a cocktail of hustle and bustle and chill time. Fixed prices? Customer service? Forget it. You want, you haggle. You don’t haggle, you probably won’t get.

Benches of the British Isles Great Britain: Benches of the British Isles
While travelling we usually do not notice things as simple and basic as benches. Located in parks, in railway stations, on river banks, along busy streets, they allow us to rest for a while. We just sit and get up, without a second thought. But benches can not only be more or less comfortable, they can be attractive, innovative, and even commemorate people.

Aran Islands Ireland: A Stone’s throw from the present: Ireland’s Aran Islands
It was the last week of October. I tried to look out the windows for land, but saw only dangerously low clouds and water--water in the form of rain, waves and sweat. The ferry had left Doolin 10 miles ago and the rain celebrated my bon voyage, dancing through the air like silver streamers. Somewhere out there was Inishmore island (Inis Mór in Irish) Click here for a rustic and warm stay on the Aran Islands.

Rock and Stroll Tour of Dublin Ireland: Rock and Stroll Tour of Dublin
Follow the trail through contemporary rock history and visit some of Dublin best known places.

Going Green on St. Patrick's Day Ireland: "Going Green" on St. Patrick's Day
Some say that if you would like to buy a passport on the black market, Irish one would be the most expensive. Those warm-hearted, open and friendly people are welcome everywhere. No wonder that St Patrick's Day is celebrated in more countries around the world than any other National Holiday. On this day everybody wants to be Irish.

California: Venice Beach
A neighborhood of Los Angeles situated along the edge of the Pacific, Venice Beach takes its name from the "Venetian" canals built to recreate the celebrated Italian village on a Californian coast. A veritable "Walk of Miracles" of L.A, the neighborhood, principally along the Venice Boardwalk, is now a human zoo, where tourists rub shoulders with the most heterogeneous local fauna (text & pics)

Chicago: The Untouchables Tour Illinois: Chicago's Untouchable Tour
Chicago and gangsters are synonymous the world over. Before Michael Jordan and Oprah, Al Capone inspired a certain pride in the Windy City. But where in Chicago did it all happen anyway, and who were the key players? On the Untouchables Tour, an easy paced two hours takes you through their haunts, hot spots, and finales.

Illinois: RIP Gangster: Chicago—Mount Carmel Cemetery
Though Cardinal Bernadin is buried here in the Bishop‘s Mausoleum, Mt. Carmel is known to both Catholics and non-Catholics alike for its gangster graves, including the most infamous one—Alphonse Capone.

Wisconsin: "Velkommen" to Southwest Wisconsin
Wisconsinites just can’t escape from the image of a cheese-hat wearing, summer sausage chomping, Schlitz beer gulping stereotype. Discover this colorful region in this colorful text.

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