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A Night Without Armor II: The Revenge by Beau Sia

A Night Without Armor II: The Revenge
Beau Sia

Poor Jewel. Even a book of poetry ridiculing hers, copying everything from her cover photo to dedication to titles of poems, is better than her own futile effort.

"Dear Jewel", begins his book, "I am writing this letter to thank you for your book of poetry. A Night Without Armor has been so inspirational to me that Iíve written an entire book of poems in four hours called A night without armor II: the revenge." Itís so good itís embarrassing. Why people have taken to Jewel I will never know. While I have not been able to read her miserable attempt at poetry cover to cover, Beau Sia had me laughing in the middle of the aisle at Tower Records. Take for example the following:

"someone to know me

I just want to spend time
with you
and hopefully
we will
really get
to know
each other

buy my CD."

In this next poem, Mr. Sia shows that even he has limits on possible poetry topics:

"wolves in the canyon

I could never write a poem
about wolves in the canyon,
so donít
expect me to."

If you, like me, need a heavy dose of sarcasm to get through these days, this is a necessary acquisition. Sometimes a gem can be found in a pile of foolís gold.

  Anji Milanovic


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