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Nearing Grace Nearing Grace
While I must admit being very skeptic watching the opening scene of Nearing Grace, the film then unfolds nicely, with good acting, an acute sense of humor, light tones of poetry, and most of all a great sense of cuteness.

New York Doll New York Doll
Marking music history as the band that made the transition between glam and punk, the New York Dolls remain, to this day, one of these cult acts that fully incarnate the debauchery and provocative imagery of Rock.

Nicotina Nicotina
Nicotina is a Mexican version of a 60's diamond heist film wrapped in a comforting quilt of Quentin Tarantino/Guy Ritchie black comedy. As seen through a sultry haze of cigarette smoke.

Night Watch Night Watch
Those who think Russian cinema is synonymous for slow, naturalistic and cerebral films might be proven wrong with Night Watch, a fantastic piece of mumbo jumbo.

The Night Watchman The Night Watchman
Writer/director Natalia Almada has apparently decided to make art with a documentary, the result being an infuriating pretentious and vapid work where life is staged to attempt to create art.

Nina Nina
Set in the hip underground world of Sao Paulo, Nina follows a young girl as she struggles to make ends meet, under the pressure of her roommate & landlord, a sinister old lady who locked the fridge before ultimately threatening to kick her out in the streets without any remorse.

The Ninth Gate The Ninth Gate
With a good director, Roman Polanski, a good lead, Johnny Depp and a good premise, the hunt for a rare medieval evil book, The Ninth Gate aka "You'll find the door to hell if your eyes aren't wide shut"â.is an intriguing and enjoyable piece that unfortunately falls short from being a great movie.

Nirvana Nirvana
In an era where the Suicide Girls look — a mix of tattoos, piercings and naughtiness — has become a symbol of female empowerment, here comes a Russian film fully embracing that aesthetic.

Nobody Knows Nobody Knows
Four seasons in the life of an orphaned family: such is the topic of Nobody Knows, the new film by Kore-eda Hirokazu, who was already noticed in 2001 with Distance.

No Country for Old Men No Country for Old Men
The Coen brothers' No Country for Old Men is film noir with echoes of Fargo.

No Man's Land No Man's Land
A strong dose of a movie that percolates with rage and the travesty of war, No Man's Land takes a hard look at a day in the trenches. Bosnian director Danis Tanovic, who himself served in the Bosnian army, tells the tale of three men trapped in a trench, two Muslim, one Serb and the absurdity of their fate.

The Nomi Song The Nomi Song
For most people, Klaus Nomi is some sort of alien with the voice of a diva. While fully embracing this iconic image, The Nomi Song shows there is a man behind the myth.

Nói Albinó Nói Albinó
Bathed in a saturated bleaching light, scarce in dialogue and advancing slowly, Nói Albinó is a meticulously crafted dreamlike world, injected with highly precise doses of oddity, poetry and humor.

Northfork Northfork
A baroque and surrealist work, Northfork, like its village subjected to doom, is located somewhere between art and the sacred, a cinematographic painting transfigured over a foundation of social criticism.

Notes on a Scandal Notes on a Scandal
Dench's performance is, without a doubt, the film's foundation.

November November
A dramatic study of the consequences of a trauma on the human brain, Greg Harrison's November is an experimental work that transposes onscreen the various facets of a fractal memory, both visually and narratively.

Novo Novo
Fleeing any kind of format or structure, the most beautiful way, Novo has to be seen. This is French, this is not Besson, and this grabs you by the throat.


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