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Kinky:Hollywood Forbidden Planet

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Forbidden Planet, Hollywood, CA—10/09/2003

Genre: Electr/Latin
Year: 2003
Country: USA
Official Site: Kinky
Details: Tracks & Audio
Label: Sonic 360
Before their night was cut short due to overcrowding in the club and subsequently being forced by the fire department to shut down, Kinky once again proved that their strength is a live show where their talent as musicians takes over. They had little over an hour before the audience was unceremoniously booted out.

Night club revelers were thrilled to hear their bevy of hits, from their anthem "Mas" and "San Antonio" to a banquet of new songs from their second release, Anthem. This time they sing a bit more in English, a good move for a group that counts on a worldwide dance club following. Lead singer Gilberto Cerezo takes us on his sidewalk of solitude on "The Headphonist" while drummer Omar Gongora leads the way. And if "Snapshot" doesn't become a hit in the U.S., then there's little reason to listen to the radio in the U.S. As for the sultry "Salt-Lenin-El-Atlas", their live version totally usurps the album cut.

Hypnotic and seductive, Kinky is a band always worth seeing. Their energy onstage is unsurpassed and some of their electronic sounds are thrown out the window in favor of robust guitars and healthy drums. They don't rely on computers, but their strength as musicians. And rock stars they are, sliding across the stage like stealthy jaguars in search of prey. Bassist Cesar Pliego was particularly on the prowl, like a cat in a canary store. On "Cornman" Ulises Lozano went wild with his ballistic ranchera accordion.

For a way, way over capacity club where broken glass was strewn all over the floor, rendering it not only sweaty but dangerous, Kinky led valiant effort for a night cut short by the authorities. And there's more to come.

  Anji Milanovic

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