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Beat Wave: Argentina

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Beat Wave

Genre: Latin/Electro
Year: 2004
Country: Mexico
Official Site: Beat Wave
Details: Tracks & Audio
Label: Sonic360
Those crazy Argentines are at it again. A compilation of laid back lounge music titled Beatwave Argentina is the latest offering from Sonic 360, the London label responsible for bringing Kinky and Nortec Collective to the spotlight.

So what's the hype? From the subdued "Minim Jobim" by Meesiva to the inspired-by-tango accordion flourishes on "Bando-lero" by Index, the tracks are smooth. Director Michael Mann take note: "Bando-lero" would perfectly accompany the blue-toned melancholy scene of your next film.

To say that Leandro Fresco's "Brr.." is positively polar would just be silly. But the truth of the matter is that the track captures the iciness that makes electronic music so appealing, especially to those who have tired of the faux warmth that instruments like the banjo and piccolo offer. Altocamet's "Manzana de Metal" sounds like the Mexican group Moenia, which intrinsically means they have something of Depeche Mode circa 1988 in them. And that's a good thing: it mixes up the tone of the compilation. "Since Last Time" by Ciudad Feliz screams out a not very successful combination of disco and Daft Punk.

Burnin Vibra's "Abusada" is one of the highlights on the compilation. The lead singer has a Gwen Stefani intonation in her voice coupled with the smoky existentialist boredom of Portishead and the whole song is tinged with tango. Trineo's "Ladera" has possesses all the requisite (and welcome) computerized burps, squeals and squeaks accompanied by hypnotic beats.

While this compilation isn't as mindblowing as listening to Kinky for the first time, it has its share of strong moments.

Speaking of Kinky, Sonic360 has released a smoking version of Santana's seminal hit, "Oye Como Va" by the Mexican band. Without losing sight of what has made the song timeless, Kinky reworks it to bring it up to their frenetic speed. A satisfying treat in anticipation of their upcoming album. Visit for more info.

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Beat Wave Argentina

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