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Shotter's Nation review

:. Genre: Rock
:. Year: 2007
:. Country: UK
:. Label: Astralwerks
:. Official Site: Babyshambles
:. Download: Shotter's Nation

Exhilaratingly shambolic live performances. Flash. Uncontrollable talent and eccentric behaviour. Flash. Street fight with a bouncer. Flash. Bleary eyed at 5am in the West End. Obviously flash. A cheeky sniff of cocaine in a recording studio. "Slow exposure" (no flash). Bust-up with a bunch of paparazzi. Flash finally broken now. Cut to black…well, actually it turns out he's back.

Pete, away from the seedy tabloid limelight, finally discovered that his real talent was somewhere inside. In fact, it was always there but was revealed by accident or by his environment. Our Baudelaire fan revealed himself again, many years after his St Pete trip (easy but true). Because Pete Doherty is not a bad bud, he's just living his arty and poetic lifestyle in every part of his life. He winds a lot of people up. He's talented. He wastes it. He destroys himself. He is. Now, he's back to the shadows, the place where he started out, and as a consequence he's produced his best work in years.

This is a fact. On Shotter's Nation, he's got more solid songs than he did in his entire career (considering that most of the Libertines hymns were created by Carl Barat). But saying that Doherty is discovering maturity is unsure. Produced by Stephen Street (the Smiths, Blur), the disc contains some of Doherty's most coherent tunes including "Baddie's Boogie" or "Def Left Hand". But everything stays poetically half-finished and shaky, Pete's signature for everything in life. Even some elements were stolen to The Cure or The Kinks. Why not? It would be a catastrophe if it were different. The change is that he has just understood how to convey his weaknesses better.

"You call yourself a killer but the only thing that you're killing is your time". Pete, the young auto-destructive genius, lost so much time. He could produce much more poetry and music instead of smoking the carpet and filling pages of'The Sun. But would he be so talented without dope? It's a question that has been asked about countless creative geniuses over the years… Drugs and creativity often go hand in hand, but there is no one like a self-publicist. Stay in the shadows Pete and keep out of The Sun.

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