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Celluloide: Nave Heart

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Nave Heart

Forged in melodious and nostalgic electro, Nave Heart marks the promising beginnings of synth-pop group Celluloide from Marseilles, France.

The album offers a solid and homogeneous collection of electro pieces on which the singer's melancholic voice sails. Far from being commercially seductive, Nave Heart reveals its cold beauty after several listens. At first, Darkleti's voice seems limited and her French accent sometimes strongly pierces the English words. But she finally wins us over with her monotonous vocals that combine perfectly with the group's electro style.

Their synthetic sound does not hide its influences (one inevitably thinks of Depeche Mode) and discreetly combines old techno-pop sounds with more modern tonalities.

Supported by throbbing melodies, "The Paradox of the Mirror Girl" and "Missing Words" are undoubtedly the best songs on the album. Other songs that stand out are: "Wounds of Love" (with its Martin Gorish background vocals), "Seven & Forever", "A Lie" and "Pretty Girl" are heady enough to not leave the listener indifferent.

Celluloide has to affirm its musical personality beyond the obligatory references to the groups that influenced them. Nave Heart comes just in time, and with bands like Ladytron, Miss Kittin and Dot Allison making waves, they should be able to leave their mark.

  Fred Thom

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Celluloide: Nave Heart

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