Death In Vegas The Contino SessionsDeath In Vegas The Contino Sessions

Death In Vegas: The Contino Sessions

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Death In Vegas
The Contino Sessions

DEATH IN VEGAS is to techno what noisy-pop is to rock. And not only because of the presence of famous guests such as two former JESUS & MARY CHAIN members, Jim Reid and Bobby Gillepsie (now PRIMAL SCREAM’s singer) and IGGY POP.

The Contino Sessions features 9 electrifying tracks with a noisy rock body and electronic arrangements. The sound is dense and raw, obviously noisy, but also ambiant and psychedelic with a taste for schizophrenia. This odd and goofy blend echoes the influence of cult acts such as THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN, THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, PIERRE HENRY, THE STOOGES and ORBITAL. What makes these sessions particularly appealing is that all tracks have a full rock core featuring real guitars, bass and drums rather than just samples. The electronic sounds are then manipulated to add an odd, psychedelic and organic feel to the music what makes it raw, contrary to overtly synthetic and cold arrangments. Their experimental way of working is close to PIERRE HENRY and THE VELVET UNDERGROUND’s approach.

The best moment here is undoubtly "Aisha" featuring Iggy Pop, a vicous, dark and heady riff-driven track about a serial-killer. "Soul Auctioneer" with Bobby Gillepsie is self-tortured with its big bass, a kind of a PRIMAL SCREAM with a dark side, while "Broken Little Sister" with Jim Reid is a terrific homage to the JESUS & MARY CHAIN featuring a blend of guitar and modulator generated feedback. Most tracks are in the same vein: moody, noisy and twisted, discordant unorthdox arrangements rendered even more powerful that suck in the listener.

The Contino Sessions are neither easy to listen or dance to. But musically they score high, successfully preserving a rawness in a unique blend of rock and electronica.

  Fred Thom

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Death In Vegas: The Contino Sessions

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