DJ Hardware Tribalism V.2

DJ Hardware

Tribalism V.2 review

:. Genre: Electronic
:. Year: 2007
:. Country: USA
:. Label: Made Records
:. Official Site: DJ Hardware

If you're looking for an energetic mix for your parties, you can't go wrong with this CD where DJ stars DJ Hardware and Marcello Castelli join forces, each of them getting one CD of this 2-disc package to deliver their mixes of tribal house.

Beside Castelli, the CD includes tracks from well-known house acts and producers such as Terranova, Ralph Rosario, Aftertouch, Jesse Perez, etc…

The sounds are sharp and infectious and each of the guests knows how to raise the pressure, contrary to most American DJs, whose mixes usually fall flat. The fact that Castelli is Uruguayan and that some songs on both CDs have a Latin flare, brings a welcome touch of exoticism to the ensemble.

From all the compilations released by Made Records, Tribalism V.2 is without a doubt the strongest in terms of cohesion. There are no cheesy moments here and each tune delivers the goods: to get your body into a state of tribal trance.

As one would expect with the subgenre that is tribal house, the ensemble is pretty "boum-boumesque" but with a few vodka Redbulls, you should be able to move to those sounds until the end of the night and actually enjoy it.

  Fred Thom

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