Iio Reconstructed Time: The Best if Iio Remixed


Reconstructed Time: The Best if Iio Remixed review

:. Genre: Electronic
:. Year: 2007
:. Country: USA
:. Label: Made Records
:. Official Site: Iio

As suggested in the title, this CD compiles the best of dance club fave Iio, including remixes of their hits and 2 hidden tracks.

Iio is known for catchy anthems such as "Rapture", "Is it Love", "Chastity" and "Tantric", which are all here and play on commercial appeal and sexual vibes.

While dance is far from being my cup of tea, as it's too formulaic and simplistic, I must admit that Iio certainly knows their craft, as their tunes are instantly memorable and highly danceable. If you pay attention, you will even find a few 80's electro elements here and there, which adds a welcome dose of old-fashioned kitsch to this modern manufactured sound.

Looking at the cover should give you a hint you are not exactly in high music artistry territories, but since dance fans have an insatiable thirst for easy and mindless anthems and that Iio seems to be good at delivering that kind of fluff, I don't have any problem saying that this Best-Of should be a pretty satisfactory collection of tracks for any dance aficionado.

  Fred Thom


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