Various Artists Made Gold Part 1

Various Artists

Made Gold Part 1 review

:. Genre: Electronic
:. Year: 2007
:. Country: USA
:. Label: Made Records
:. Official Site: Various Artists

With Made Gold Part 1, Made Records offers a collection of remixes of dance hits from its label.

Focusing on only three of its artists: Iio, Jimmy James and Nymph, this CD offers a few good moments such as Starkillers Club edit mix of Iio's "Is it love", Bailey's take on Jimmy James's "Kissing a Fraud" and the Flatline dub version of Nymph's "Afraid".

Featuring several remixes of the same songs, which most of the time are pretty much alike, in the long run Made Gold Part 1 sounds kind of redundant but should do an OK job satisfying fans on the dance floor.

  Fred Thom


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