Various Artists Regress Compilation Part 1

Various Artists

Regress Compilation Part 1 review

:. Genre: Electronic
:. Year: 2007
:. Country: USA
:. Label: Made Records
:. Official Site: Various Artists

Another compilation from Made Records, this time focusing on more underground dance cuts. Compared to Made's Made Gold Compilation, tracks here have a more robotic and monotonous feel, focusing on creating a darker techno/house vibe rather than catchy mainstream tunes.

Jimmy Van, Flatline, Mavi, Pappa/Gilbey and Nema are the main guests here, the tones slightly varying to sometimes include exotic sounds in the mechanical rhythms.

While there is nothing groundbreaking here - the dance scene has been repeating itself for years - I could certainly see myself dance to these tunes for an afternoon of drunkenness on the rooftop of The Standard in Downtown Los Angeles.

  Fred Thom


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