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Rosanne Cash Black Cadillac

Rosanne Cash

Black Cadillac

:. Genre: Rock/Country
:. Year: 2006
:. Country: USA
:. Label: Capitol
:. Official Site: Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash's voice is suave and her songs are dark and beautiful. She certainly knows pain, as within a short period of time she lost her dad, Johnny, her mother Vivian and her step-mom, June. Her soul hurts and this distress, tainted with hope rather than nostalgia, is the heart of Black Cadillac.

It shows not only in her lyrics but also in the CD booklet: family pictures, a black Cadillac and Johnny's house, looking abandoned (also a song: "House on the Lake").

While venturing from country to rock, folk and ballads, she doesn't sound like her dad or her step-mom. She can rock ("Black Cadillac", "Radio Operator"), but she can also make you cry ("I Was Watching You" & "The World Unseen"—the best tracks here).

She's probably—musically—closer to Lucinda Williams than to her family, even though she carries the Cash musical heritage, but thematically—and this might surprise you—she isn't far from Depeche Mode, with her solemn lyrics about grief, afterlife, God and lost loves.

If you forget about her heritage for a moment while listening to Black Cadillac, you're still left with a great album from a true artist, which is what ultimately matters.

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