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The Breeders
Mountain Battles review

:. Genre: Rock
:. Year: 2008
:. Country: USA
:. Official Site: The Breeders

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Kim, Kelly. Kelly, Kim. Kim, Kelly. Kelly, Kim. Two survivors of a generation that most of us have long since forgotten down the back of the sofa. But out of nowhere, the Deal Sisters have popped up with an unexpectedly powerful rock'n'roll album, composed on their deep American roots, and supported by their old mate Steve Albini (the main producer of the grunge years). Don't expect any concessions on this disc — it unashamedly harks back to the early Pixies era and the first Sub Pop shouts. The Sisters are unswervingly true to themselves and where they come from (which is, truth be told, one of the assholes of the United States).

Their journey has not been easy and many battles have been faced along the way (which perhaps explains the album's title). Universal Music refused to get along with our sisters because of poor sales on their last albums, the band line-up changed 'every month', the sisters' mother contracted Alzheimer disease meaning most free time was spent at her bedside, & less catastrophically, Black Francis decided to take the road again with his old pals to lead a lucrative Pixies' revival tour. All in all, it didn't give a lot of time for them to think about the future. No problem. They didn't want to talk about the future. They just created a bunch of rock songs which come direct from their experience and their guts. Everything is based on familiar, well-trod territory & it works.

Even the most loyal Breeders fans would be surprised they still exist. Nevertheless, the Siamese dream has come true again. On Mountain Battles they deliver in the same way that they delivered on their previous albums, with the same energy and melancholy, with the same old materials (fuck ProTools and viva Steve Albini), with the same production pace (not too quick, have pleasure before all) and with the same desire.

Bingo, the Breeders have made one of the best rock albums of the year. Not the most innovative, not the most legendary, not the trendiest but surely one of the most efficient. And, honestly, it's surprisingly refreshing to go back in time and remember the good old days (I'm talking to those of you who had their first musical orgasm with Surfer Rosa). Deal or no Deal?

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