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The Dresden Dolls Yes Virginia

The Dresden Dolls

Yes Virginia (Dig)

:. Genre: Punk/Cabaret
:. Year: 2006
:. Country: USA
:. Label: Roadrunner Records
:. Official Site: The Dresden Dolls

While I respected The Dresden Dolls as artists on their eponymous first album, their mix of cabaret and punk was a bit too crazy and dark for me — I know it might sound weird coming from somebody who listens to the Fields of the Nephilim — and that wasn't the kind of CD I'm in the mood for either, except for a few songs like "Coin-Operated Boy".

I don't know if the Dolls listened to some kind of feedback on their work, but at least they solved my issue with their music by delivering a more accessible album filled with haunting songs without abandoning their Brechtien identity.

Yes Virginia (Dig) sounds great musically and Amanda Palmer's voice has never sounded so good. The Dolls continue with their formula, some crazy piano-cabaret with a light Goth-punk feel, but this time their songs got into my head instead of giving me some weird chill. They now sing for a wider audience rather than focusing their efforts on nazi transsexuals.

They even have a potential hit here, with "Sing", and other favorites include the opener "Sex Changes" as well as "Delilah" & "Necessary Evil".

With Yes Virginia, The Dresden Dolls won me over, while staying true to themselves, and, in the process, they probably found a wider audience.

  Ed Dantes


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