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Tori Amos Video Collection: Fade to Red

Tori Amos

Video Collection: Fade to Red

:. Genre: Rock
:. Year: 2006
:. Country: USA
:. Label: Rhino
:. Official Site: Tori Amos

Quirky, sultry, eccentric, and moody, coupled with a unique aesthetic—the new collection of Tori Amos videos is a series of snapshots of a career that spans two decades. Unlike most videos heavily rotated on MTV, where the songs suck and the over the top imagery is a ploy to hide the total emptiness, hers have never had to be filled with fancy cars, gold and booty or literal interpretations where meaning is hammered out with a graceless metaphoric anvil.

To see "Crucify" again after so many years is a treat- watch her unmistakable torso writhe at the piano. From Jackie O. footage coupled with a wedding mistake in "Jackie's Strength" to the oddly moving love story portrayed by her and Adrian Brody as disembodied heads walking around on one leg in "A Sorta Fairytale", Amos demonstrates an ease to deal with the conventional and the erotic. Amos is sly—in "Spark" we see her flee from her male captor through the woods, only to be denied help by two icy blondes who leave her on the street.

Of course certain themes prevail in Amos videos. We see her double and multiply in more than one video, from "Crucify" and "Jackie's Strength" to "Sleeps With Butterflies" and "Caught a Lite Sneeze". Young girls and her piano are often present (much more often than men in fact), and in "Hey Jupiter" a young girl helps her escape a house engulfed in flames while she is the Pied Piper of children in "Past the Mission". The image of Amos boxed in is repeated as well, from a literal crate in "Silent All These Years" or in a glass box watching people walk the streets of Los Angeles in "1000 Oceans".

Her examination of God and world religions features an alarming number of rats, and Amos charming the Bible-thumping set with snakes in "God" is much more heretical and probing than Madonna's "Like A Prayer".

The audio commentary provides a deeper look into the process of creation and will undoubtedly please her legions of fans. Fade to Red is indispensable to followers of the redhead.

  Anji Milanovic

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